David Hahn
David Hahn
Year Inducted: 2014
Sport: Distinguished Alumni Award - Mountaineering

Distinguished Alumni Award
BA 1984

  • Generally acknowledged as one of the most accomplished high altitude mountaineering guides, David has reached the summit of Mount Everest (the tallest peak on Earth at 29,029 feet) 15 times - more than any other non-Sherpa (the Sherpas are the indigenous people of the Himalayas).
  • David has been recognized for his mountain rescues, and in 1999 he took part in the expedition that located the remains of George Mallory, who disappeared on the north ridge of Mount Everest in 1924.
  • David has scaled Mount McKinley 21 times as a guide, he has taken clients to the summit of Mount Rainier over 270 times and has made a record 33 ascents of the Vinson Massif (the highest point in Antarctica).