Matthew H. Winick
Matthew H. Winick
Year Inducted: 2012
Sport: Distinguished Alumni Award

Distinguished Alumni Award
BS 1960

  • As Senior Vice President of scheduling and game operations for the NBA, Matt is responsible for all regular-season and playoff scheduling, he also oversees the league's pre-draft camp.
  • Matt joined the NBA as Director of Media Information in 1976, he also coordinated events, such as the all-star games, as well as drafts.
  • As a UB freshman, Matt was a sportswriter for the Spectrum and went on to serve as manager of both the basketball and baseball teams.
  • His 1st job after graduation was as a sportswriter in Evansville, Indiana.
  • After a stint in the U.S. Army, Matt landed a position as a statistician with the New York Mets and was promoted to Assistant Director of Public Relations, serving in that capacity during both the Miracle Mets' 1969 World Series triumph over the Baltimore Orioles, and in the team's 7 game loss to Oakland in the 1973 World Series.
  • When Matt joined the NBA, it had 17 employees and 22 teams, now the leagues has nearly 800 people working for it and 30 teams.
  • Matt begins the process of scheduling 1,230 games for each season in February of the previous season - the daunting task is his and his alone, with the aid of a computer program.