Title IX Reporting

  1. Report it immediately to your supervisor, designated Sexual Harassment Information Advisor, or EDI
  2. Ask if they would like some resources to help them with this crisis, and provide contact information for UB's on-site Crisis Services Advocate
  3. Do not question about details. Do not judge or attempt to evaluate the situation.
  4. Call EDI or Department Sexual Harassment Information Advisors and put them on speaker phone if they would like to speak to them immediately
  5. Ask them if they would like the resources card or brochure from EDI to take with them.

 University at Buffalo Sexual Violence Response Policy

To Reiterate the Important Points:
  • Report it immediately
  • Create a supportive and safe environment for the victim


Sexual Harassment Information Advisors in Our Department:

Kathy Twist | (716) 645-6866 | twist@buffalo.edu

Sharon Sanford | (716) 645-2307 | ssanford@buffalo.edu

Brian Bratta | (716) 645-8790 | bbratta@buffalo.edu


Campus Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Sharon Nolan-Weiss - Director; Title IX/ADA Coordinator

Kesha Lanier - Assistant Director; Deputy Title IX Coordinator

406 Capen Hall - North Campus

(716) 645-2266