Diversity & Inclusion

Statement of Diversity and Inclusion

The Division of Athletics believes in and is committed to promoting and embracing the diversity of our student-athletes, coaches and administrators.

  • We are committed to sustaining a culture of diversity and inclusion across all dimensions including but not limited to race, sex, age, national origin, creed, socioeconomic class, disability, gender expression, sexual orientation, marital status, and parental status.
  • We are committed to creating an atmosphere that fosters inclusion, value, support, recognition and engagement through the use of respectful language, behavior and actions. 
  • We are committed to embracing the talents and capabilities of others, those things that make us unique and similar.
  • We are committed to partnering with campus departments to educate and celebrate cultural diversity. 
  • We are committed to making the University at Buffalo a role model for increased opportunities for historically underrepresented groups in intercollegiate athletics and continue to make the experience of diversity and inclusion at the University at Buffalo relevant for future generations.



LGTBQ Policy Sexual Harassment & Assault Policy Transgender Policy

 Student Preferred Name Policy 

Diversity and Inclusion Support:

Intercultural and Diversity Center: http://www.student-affairs.buffalo.edu/idc/
Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion:  https://www.buffalo.edu/equity.html
Office of Equity and Diversity: https://www.buffalo.edu/inclusion.html
Wellness Education Services:  http://wellness.buffalo.edu/wes/lgbtq.php
NCAA Inclusion:  http://www.ncaa.org/about/resources/inclusion