Get to Know: Dior Jackson

Get to Know: Dior Jackson

Dior Jackson is an Assistant Director of Recreation at UB and the Building Manager of the recreation facilities on south campus at Clark Hall.

What are some of the responsibilities of your job?
I'm mainly responsible for ensuring the day-to-day operations of Clark Hall. That can include making sure the people entering our spaces are permitted, such as students, faculty, staff and community members, as well as securing the building and ensuring the safety of everyone using the facilities. I help coordinate the scheduling of our various spaces with our Group Fitness Coordinator, our Assistant Director for Intramural Sports and other groups on and off campus. One of the on-campus groups that I work with is UB Boxing; they have their own space on the lower level of Clark Hall, equipped with a workout room and boxing ring. I do some clerical work, too, like inventory, selling memberships, group fitness passes or swim lessons and keeping up with repairs and maintenance. Other than that, I focus on hiring and mentoring student staff to help monitor the building. I hire 20-25 UB students every year!

How did you get involved with UB Recreation?
I got involved with UB Recreation after graduating high school. I came to Buffalo and was living with my cousin when an opportunity came up to work as a student assistant on north campus. It was the summer of 2008, before I was heading to SUNY Fredonia to start college, and I would check people into the fitness center, clean and complete other odd jobs within the Recreation department. I continued to come back to Buffalo to work for UB Recreation during my summers off from college. I was fortunate enough to be hired as an intern after graduation and continue to take on more responsibilities. About a year or so after I started my internship, the building supervisor position at Clark Hall opened and I was promoted. I've been working here for four years now.

Many people know about Alumni Arena and the services UB Recreation offer there, but what are some of the services offered at Clark Hall?
Clark Hall is basically a smaller scale Alumni Arena with a vintage charm. We offer a lot of the same services, like open swim, group fitness classes, the fitness center, and a cardio room. One thing that makes us special is the fact that we have open gym space for basketball almost the entire day! Once intramural sports leagues start, the open gym time ends around 6pm, but we still have a smaller gym that can be used. Another unique offering is our table tennis room that anyone can use. Lastly, we celebrated the grand re-opening of our pool in fall 2016, after a large renovation.

What is your favorite service offered at Clark Hall?
I would have to say the free locker rentals. Buffalo gets cold, so it's nice to be able to come to the gym and have somewhere to secure all of your stuff, for free. Also, I love playing basketball, so I really appreciate the amount of time we offer for open recreation in our main gym.

What is your favorite part about working for UB Recreation?
I enjoy being around the students and working with them every day. It's nice to build those relationships and also build relationships with the community members that use our facility. I volunteer with kids from the inner-city of Buffalo and some of them come to Clark Hall to get a membership and workout here. Integrating people into this collegiate atmosphere is another way that feels like giving back to the UB and Buffalo communities.