Staff Directory

Recreation and Intramural Services

Name Title Phone Email
General Information 716-645-2286
Sharon Sanford Associate AD for Recreation and Sport Management 716-645-2307
Wilson Bautista Associate Director for Informal Recreation 716-645-6874
Jennifer Dynas Assistant Director for Pro Shop Operations 716-645-5097
Karen Mayfield Assistant Director of Student Employee Development 716-645-3996
Norman McCarter Assistant Director for Business Operations 716-645-5983
Jessica Nyrop Associate Director, Fitness and Instruction 716-645-2534
Jenifer Kern Assistant Director, Marketing, Media and Retail 716-645-2976
Mickey Moran Assistant Director for Risk Management 716-829-6015
Kenyatta Holmes Facility Operations Manager 716-645-3867
Nathan Bourke Aquatics Director 716-645-5599
Roslyn Dominico Assistant Director of Intramural Sports and Programs 716-645-6149
Dior Jackson Assistant Director for Informal Recreations/Clark Hall Building Manager 716-829-2926
Christina Naylor Assistant Clark Hall Building Manager 716-829-2926