Dates that applications for space requests can be submitted:

Summer On or After - April 15th
Fall On or After - July 1st
Spring On or After - December 1st

**Requests submitted outside of the listed guidelines will be discarded**

Any questions or concerns can be directed to Jessica Nyrop at

Dance Studio Space Request Form:


Name of Organization:
Purpose of Space Request:
Location: Alumni Arena  Clark Hall
Start Date (mm/dd/yyyy): / /
End Date (mm/dd/yyyy): / /
Days Requesting:   Monday    Tuesday    Wednesday    Thursday    Friday    Saturday    Sunday
Times Requesting:
Total Hours per Week:
Primary Contact Name:
Primary Contact Email:
Primary Contact Phone: - -


Policies & Procedures

All patrons participating in activities in the dance studio are students that are currently attending UB.
All patrons that utilize the facility as part of this space request agree to bring their student ID every time they access the facility and will have their card swiped to confirm student status.
The organization agrees to use only the designated access points into the building and will not let patrons in through alternative entrances.
The organization will not attempt to use the sound system or any fitness equipmemt at any time and realize it is off limits.
Each member of the organization will not bring food or drink (other than water) into the dance studio.

Permitted footwear used in the studio included sneakers, socks or bare feet.

The organization that has placed the request will be present for the time requested or will provide 48 hr notice of cancelation of space request for the specific date or series of dates.
The requesting party agrees to communicate all policies and procedures to each member of their organization.
All patrons understand that any violation in the above policies will result in termination of standing reservations for the semester.
All dance studio reservations are secondary to recreation and athletic events. Any training or special events that need to be scheduled will displace standing reservations for the schedule date and time. This could include recreation staff training and certifications,  spring fest, Fall fest, etc. It is the responsibility of the organization organization to monitor the weekly schedule posted online to monitor any changes in the schedule from week to week. Schedules are posted weekly on Mondays.

Upon successful completion of the dance studio space request you can expect the following:

  • One week prior to the start of each semester you will be contacted to be informed that your space request was accommodated or could not be accommodated.  If there are alternative times they will be mentioned.
  • Each organization will be allotted approximately 4 hours weekly depending on the nature of the club requesting space
  • Open space is not known until all group fitness programming and academic fitness programming is finalized. This is usually set the week before classes begin. 
  • Once you have submitted a space request, WAIT until you hear from Amy Newsome the week preceding classes.  DO NOT reach out to her prior to then.

  By checking this box, I confirm my understanding of the listed Policies & Procedures.