Group Fitness Policies & Procedures



All patrons must wear the proper footwear to all classes. No dress shoes, high heels, boots, flip flops, etc.


All patrons must wear the proper active wear to participate in class. This includes, but is not limited to, yoga pants, tank tops, t-shirts, sweatshirts, shorts, spandex and sneakers. Not acceptable attire: khaki pants/shorts, skirts, jeans, button down shirts, etc.

3. All patrons must present proper Photo I.D. AND Group Fitness Pass to the instructor at the beginning of each class. Any patron who does not have the necessary identification will not be permitted into the class.

All patron must register for classes prior to attending them.


Patrons who purchase a Single Class Pass will be required to present their receipt and Photo I.D. to the instructor at the beginning of the purchased class.


All patrons are required to bring their own mats for any floor exercises in each class. Recreation and Intramural Services no longer offer general mats to be utilized by patrons. It is recommended that patrons bring a mat to every class.

7. UBBiking classes will close the door propmtly at the end of warm-up. No patron will be permitted to enter the class after the warm-up has been concluded.

All classes are on a first come/first serve basis. It is the responsibility of the instructor to set a maximum capacity for a class based on available space and equipment for the routine that will be taught on any particular day.


It is recommended that if you are ill or feeling weak that you do not take any class. If an instructor feels that you may be ill or over-exerting yourself, they reserve the right to request that you do not complete the class you are attending.


Patrons who are injured must determine their ability to complete any physical activity. It is recommended that doctor approval be granted prior to returning to any physical activity.


It is recommended that all patrons bring a towel and water bottle to each class.