Become an Official

Become an Official

Recreational Sports officials are the most important ingredient in the recreational sports program. Persons in these positions must have an above average knowledge of the rules and officiating procedures of the game, enforce the rules of the game and be capable of controlling difficult game situations without bias. People wanting to become an official or scorekeeper will be required to complete the mandatory training sessions for their sport to learn the rules and officiating procedures of the specific sport they will officiate.

Application Procedures

All interested students should fill out an application form.

You will then be contacted by an Intramural Sports office staff about attending a New Hire Session

New Hire Sessions

When attending a new hire session, students should bring with them:

US national students:

  • Valid US passport

If you do not have a valid US passport, you must bring 1 document from List A and 1 document from List B

List A

  • Original Valid Driver’s License
  • Original State ID
  • Student ID

List B

  • Original Social Security Card (Not a copy)
  • Original birth certificate (Not a copy)

International students: (Must bring all of the following)

  • Valid Passport
  • Visa
  • I-94
  • 1-20
  • Social Security Card*

*International students must have a social security card in order to begin work on campus. If you do not have a card, contact UB Intramurals at and she will provide you with information on how to obtain one.

Once Hired

Once you are hired you must read and sign the Intramural Employee Handbook which contains policies and procedures you will be expected to follow as part of your employment.

You must also attend the official training sessions AND officiate for pre-season games.

Calendar of Returning Official, New Hire, Preseason and Training Sessions:

You must complete your paperwork before you can work!


Job Descriptions

Recreational Sports Official

Recreational Sports Head Official

Non-officiating positions are also available. Please inquire with the Assistant Director for Intramurals (ADI) about these positions.