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Eligibility for All Sports

  2. UB Alumni are eligible to participate with the purchase of an Intramural Alumni Permit.
  3. All players MUST have a valid UB Student or Faculty/staff I.D. card at ALL games.  Faculty/staff players MUST BE RECREATION PERMIT HOLDERS.
  4. A team has up until the roster lock date (found on or noon the weekday before a game (whichever is sooner).  No late players will be added and all ID numbers will be checked. 
  5. A player cannot switch teams once they have played a game for any particular team.
  6. A player can only play for one team per league.
  7. Females can play on Men’s division teams. There is just no minimum required as with Co-Ed .
  8. Co-Ed teams must have 2 females participating at all times.  All other teams are open to any combination of men and/or women. 


Intramural Mission

The University at Buffalo Recreation and Intramural Services department is an essential component to the overall mission of the University at Buffalo. Its mission is to provide the students, faculty/staff and recreation permit holders with an enjoyable and positive intramural experience in an organized and competitive environment. While the game atmosphere is often competitive, esuring participant safety, providing a fun, social atmosphere and promoting sportsmanlike behavior among partipants, spectators and team followers are our primary concerns. The game atmosphere should remain good-natured at all times. Participants shall maintain good sportsmanship throughout their participation in all facets of the Intramual program.


Participant Sportsmanship Guidelines


Players are expected to display good sportsmanship toward opponents and Recreation and Intramrual Services staff at all times. A player may be declared ineligible to participate in any organized IM activity for inappropriate behavior toward Recreation and Intramural Services staff or opponents.

Recreation and Intramural Services staff members have the authority to stop any contest when players an/or spectators engage in misconduct (unruly or disorderly behavior). No warning by the Recreation and Intramural Services staff is required. The Recreation and Intramural Services staff member will declare a forfeit against one or both of the teams. Any or all members of the offending team may be suspended from organized IM sports activity.

Abusive language toward Recreation and Intramural Services staff or opponents, disruption of play, fighting or striking another individual shall constitute acts of unsportsmanlike conduct. Unsportsmanlike conduct is not limited to these examples.

(For a complete listing of rules and sportsmanship policies, please read our Intramural Policies and Procedures)