Team Highlight: The Kankle Breakers

Team Highlight: The Kankle Breakers

Name:  Carly
Sport:  Co-Ed Basketball
Team Name:  Kankle Breakers

1. Who is your best player?
Ethan. He is our point guard, leading scorer, best ball handler, and the captain of our team.

2. What record does your team hope to attain this year?
We hope to be at least over .500 and hopefully we can sneak into the playoffs.

3. Why did you join this intramural basketball team?
It gives me a set time to do something to keep me fit and active with my busy school schedule. It also gives me a fun opportunity to meet new people.

4. What is your favorite part about intramural sports as a whole?
I use to play intramural soccer also, so my favorite part is the variety of different sports and activities that can keep all students at UB busy and active!​