Grade Requests for ATH Courses

ATH courses are based on physical activity; if a student is physically unable to participate in class(s) for an extended period of time due to but not limited to illness, emergency, family emergency, accident, hearing, interview a student must provide documentation to the instruction within one week of absence. It is the student’s responsibility to initiate a request for an incomplete, reason for requesting an incomplete must be acceptable to the instructor, who establishes specific make-up requirements. Recreation Services requires documentation.  Documentation must list dates and coincide with class absences. 

The symbol of incomplete is only appropriate when two basic conditions are met:

  1. The student has substantial equity at a passing level in the course with respect to work completed
  2. The student has been prevented by circumstances beyond his/her control, such as illness or family emergency, from completing all of the course requirements on time.

An incomplete may not be given merely because a student was unable to complete all course requirements on time.  Such a practice would be open to abuse.

The student must initiate incomplete process; student should contact instructor asking for incomplete.  The instructor will then communicate with Instruction about the incomplete request; an Incomplete Agreement will then be completed if the instructor and Instruction feels as though an Incomplete is warranted.