Buffalo-Western Michigan Post Game Quotes

Drew Anderson

WMU Head Coach Tim Lester:

A1: We got stronger as the game goes on and we felt like when we got their front tire? We felt like our running game would get better and better, and he was breaking tackles, and they were tackling a little bit higher than they did earlier on in the game... and I felt they did a good job earlier of sweep tackling them and not taking them up high and he's a force and we kept handing it to them, we tried to get him on the 2-point conversion in the 6th OT, we thought that inside zone would get it but they did a good job of getting some push, but man he's a guy that you can count on, you look him in the eye and he's not rattled one bit. Even in the 7th OT, or 6th, or 5th, or 4th and that's the kind of guys you want to win close games

Q2: When you get that many OT's you only have so many 2 point plays that you run, and I was talking to Rob up in the booth and was like you run out of plays you got to come up with some stuff and obviously you came ahead and had a couple of reverses, had a reverse pass the couple plays you went back to the USC game with the Ernsberger Touchdown in the corner of the end zone that john didn't over throw this time it went in perfect and then he went back to the Keyshawn Watson? the John Watson? for a touchdown.

A2: Yeah we ran the same play twice, we over threw the first one and went back to it.. blitz? every time because they needed the blitz? to stop the run game and it allowed Keyshawn to have a 1-1 match up, so we found some good match ups, which was good late in the game but it definitely was, we were running out of them, the last one we just did a straight drop back pass because we had I think 3 lined up. I mean we ran the reverse pass and they ran the same one on the next touchdown, they ran the same play we had, so we'll have to go back and put some more in. But I thought they did a great job I thought the offense did a great job of continuing to play, finding ways, defense wasn't playing well but they buckled down and kept playing... not having Sam.. hurt us obviously but I thought they kept playing they made the stop that ultimately won us the game.

Q3: Game started fast kind of like it ended, coach, with 10 points on the board in the first 4 minutes, kind of thought maybe we had the game under control then Buffalo came back, then the Broncos came back and took control and then Buffalo scored 17 points in the 4th quarter that tied it up and took it to overtime.

A3: Yeah, there were couple things we didn't do well in the 4th quarter we had a couple, we had a penalty that killed one of our drives and we went 3 and out? I think once or twice in the 4th quarter which can't happen and we had a chance to run the game out and they made some plays, they got our secondary a couple times and the momentum was on their side and I was happy we found a way to take it back.

Buffalo Head Coach Lance Leipold:

Q1: Describe this one coach if you possibly can.

A1: It was an exciting game you know, as I told the team at 53 years old I've been to a lot of football games in my career and this is probably the most exciting game I've ever been a part of unfortunately we battled and, we battled and battled and unfortunately we didn't make enough plays there at the end and came up a little short. I'm extremely proud of our football team and their grit and resiliency. Those are things that we talked about since the 1st day we arrived and we'll play hard and we're going to compete and do things that put ourselves in position and it wasn't the cleanest at times and there's going to be things that... a play here a play there but that could be said all across the board but again very proud of where we're at, just disappointed.

Q2: I mean you have a totally different outlook? Then everyone else in the stadium probably but do you ever, even when it gets that chaotic; do you guys look at each other and say this is crazy, what's going on?

A2: That was in one of those OT's the coaches just looked at each other and were like this is awesome, this is awesome. You know who I felt sorry for the people that left- it was one of the greatest football—I don't know tell me if anyone has seen a better game, and whether or not we lost or not I felt sorry for the people that left… But you're right to watch it happen in 2 point, and 2 point conversions, and 2 point stops, and field goals, and missed field goals, and all that stuff, the emotional roller coaster that you can be on you fumble, you get a stop and all the things that happen well what a great deal. I said the only other thing I wondered is, we take 35 tv time outs during the game and then we don't give the kids any breaks in the OT when they're completely exhausted but I don't make those rules but again 90-something plays per team, almost 100 per… amazing really.

Q3: It's overwhelming, when you look at.. I mean the numbers were ridiculous through the four quarters and then they get really ridiculous.

A3: Yeah you know that's what happens late in the year and you talk about how many points you give up per game and you're playing at 25 yds for like almost double a game. Those things will matter but again the ability to make plays and do things on both sides you know I thought they ran the ball extremely well especially without Chris Ford in the middle we had some concerns going in. I thought we had a bunch of guys .. we had some guys playing in their first college game against a game who won the championship played in a combo? last year: Jake Fuz..? from right here in Williamsville and Christian Gonzalez, Chibueze You know as a walk on red shirt freshman starting the game you know were just a little short in some spots we lost receivers both teams have ?? but just watching our guys step up, Cameron Picketts in there for most of the OT he's a first string running back and to see us do things and  have success against a team as good as Western Michigan again still gives us a lot of positives to build on and you know we just got to make sure that we don't let this one physically or mentally drain us too much because we got a lot of tough opponents coming up

Drew Anderson:

Q1: How do you put that game into 7 words or less? Just kidding... Were you caught up in it when you're in it? Just how, when you get to the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th OT, it's nuts!

A1: Yeah you know every time I'm like lets go and do it again and I feel like our offense the whole team was really.. a lot of perseverance tonight just keep coming back fighting like that with the amount of guys we had go down I'm really proud of everyone.

Q2:  Is it fun when you're in it? It's not very fun when you're on the wrong end obviously.

A2: Yeah its very fun, during… obviously I wish we could have won, but it's a lot of fun that's why we all came here you know.

Q3: You're obviously upset right now, were there some tears back there too when you lose a heartbreaker like that?

A3: Yeah maybe, you know it's not easy a game that long, we fought 7 OTs, you know it's a tough loss for anyone I think.

Q4: At some point you really found a groove out there, a lot of the yards they came in the OT but even in regulation, your numbers were as a score? 90 something or something like that. When you're out there having fun and just playing the do you feel like you're in the zone? You played basketball you know what that means.

A4: Yeah, for sure, felt like the receivers and ?? doing so well and making a lot of plays for me and you know we were on the same page.

Anthony Johnson:

Q1: How do you handle, first a game like that, and a loss like that? It was such a crazy weird game

A1: I mean it's tough on us you know we work so hard we came out, everybody counted us out, they didn't think it was going to be a good game. We came out fought our butts off but it just didn't go through in the end but we were tired, we still pushed through it all. I mean we got things to work on so we're going to come back in next week and we're going to handle that.

Q2: How tired were the guys at the end of the game? Obviously to a degree you guys were probably pooped and running out of adrenaline or a combination of being in good shape, what's the deal?

A2: I mean we were in good shape but that's never happened before. Me, my legs were burning but I was trying to fight through it keep it going, I don't know about the other guys and I would say I was tired KJ was like "come on AJ fight through it" and I had to fight through it you know and that I did.

Q3: You know when you get in a game like that was so close, and it's just a slugfest, do you have any moments where you talked to your teammates on the sideline, when Western was on the field and stopped just for a second and were like "this is an unbelievable game"

A3:  I mean yeah we wanted the defense to get the stop for us, we knew offense was going to score, we got incredible receivers so we were worried about anything else like if we got the ball we knew what we were going to do with the ball but we didn't get the conversion so then..

Q4: I understand that part of it but at some point could you also be a fan out there because the ?? in the stands were giving quite a treat, where you could kind of remove yourself even for two seconds were you lean to the guy next to you and say "could you believe this?"

A4: Oh yeah, we were happy though, we were jumping up on the sideline, cheering the defense on like, we need this stop. Like I don't know we were happy man.

Q5: Could you appreciate a game like that in defeat, appreciate the game for what it is even if you were on the wrong end of it?

A5: Yeah I'm happy, I know for a fact my teammates fought really hard, and they gave it their all so we can't do anything about that, we came a long way man, that just shows how hard we've been working and I love it and we're just going to come back next week and prepare ourselves.