Garnham Throws Results

Garnham Throws Results

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BUFFALO, NY – On Sunday, the University at Buffalo's track and field program held the Garnham Throws Challenge. The event gives recognition to UB throw coach Jim Garnham, who is one of the most decorated throwing coaches in the NCAA.

The event gives throwers the opportunity to compete in the fall season for what traditionally is a spring sport. It included Shot Put, Discus, Hammer and Javelin. The age groups ranged from 19 & under, 20-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70-79, and 80+.

Brianna McKenzie came in first the women's hammer for 19 & under with a mark of 39.98. For the age group 20-39 women's hammer, McKenzie Kuehlewind came in first, posting a mark of 49.58. Rachel Donner earned a first place finish in the women's shot put for 19 & under, with a best distance of 11.33. Joanna Hallisy had a distance of 13.94 in the women's shot put for ages 20-39, a first place finish. Kambrie Luciani (19 & under) and Miranda Daucher (20-39) took first place finishes in the women's discus, posting distances of 38.98 and 52.12, respectively. Luciani was also able to take home first in women's javelin with a distance of 38.80.

For the men, Caleb Nickens was able to take first in 19 & under 12lb hammer throw with a distance of 36.76. Devon Koepp (19 & under) and Ryan Cribbins (20-39) took home first in the 16lb hammer with distances of 34.00 and 51.38, respectively. Gary Crawford placed first in the 70-79 4K hammer and 4k shot put with distances of 23.84 and 7.72, respectively. William Bates, a member of the 50-59, took the 5K shot put with a distance of 7.12. Tom Bojalad placed first in the 19 & under 12lb shot put, marking 16.45. Sam Wray (19 & under) and Ryan Cribbin (20-39) placed first in the 16lb shot put with distances of 13.05 and 16.93, respectively. Tom Bojaland (19 & under, 1.6K), Sam Wray (19 & under, 2K), and Killian Lewis (20-39, 2K) took first place in discus with distances of 51.30, 45.28, and 42.38, respectively. Mark Bellanca also took first place in the men's 50-59 2K discus, posting a mark of 30.46. The men's javelin 19 & under first place winner, with a mark of 44.14, was Hunter Bean.